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About us
Company Overview
Founded in august 2007, Nova Medical Imaging Technology Co., Ltd. (Nova Imaging) is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to innovating and manufacturing digital imaging diagnostic products in the medical field.
The Company's goal is to provide the highest quality digital images for diagnosis and information sharing C at the lowest system cost.
To accomplish this goal, Nova Imaging focuses on technology development for core components and software. The products are the results of continuous research and development conducted by the Company¨s team of exceptionally qualified engineers and clinical specialists.
To combine the unique cost advantage in talents and human resources in China, the company set up manufacturing facilities in 2009 in Hangzhou to further improve the affordability of its products.
Applying patented CCD DR detector technology, our DigiVisionTM Digital X-ray excels in high imaging quality, streamlined exam procedure and powerful information management by user-friendly software.



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